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Those ears aren't just meant to look cute.

Finally got another AtC done. I love what extraordinary stuff comes out with these, poses for example, or in this one, the ears and the shower glass effect. That's really a nice thing imao.
One more and this round is finally done \o/
I will see how I open the next one. Maybe I will ask you guys for that.

Jess, Art © Kinaj 

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 09:44 · 11 Replies

Nice, I know all about this as I try to sneak up on my collie and find it impossible.

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 13:57

It's just an impossible thing. They on the other side sometimes can do so, at least if it's about sneaking away to get food. 

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 19:34


Have you thought about Jess having to wait outside the exam room without her collar while all the female human crew all naked waiting for their physicals next to her? I bet she would get a good look at them all, some being shy covering up so the lusty dog can't stare.

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 19:44

Hmm,  I like this idea. A lot actually. Though it's not fully canon to her universe, but it should be easy to adapt it. 

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 19:48

Thanks I like it too.

It could be the yearly physicals for both human and canine are done by the ship's doctor and not Sarah (Maybe the tests are the same)

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 20:12

Something like that. Or Sarah taking Jess with her on the exam.

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 20:14

Yeah, I hope Jess has to remove her collar too so she's naked.

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 20:54

Well, Sarah is a bit shy when it comes to people who don't have a mutual sexual relationship to her. And Jess is solidary to her friends. So maybe.

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 21:00

I look forward to it.

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 21:09

Me too. Probably a long time as I start to finally wanna push my Alex comic. But I will remember that for if I wanna do something sexy for inbetween. Right now this is high on the list!

Colliefan · 25/02/2017 21:10

Just call me your muse.

Kinaj · 25/02/2017 21:45

Hehe, ok. At least I will try to remember that x3

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