Kince the Dog is feeling Crushed
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there's not much to say about me lol, im just your average fur that just happens to draw sometimes and plays Ton's of TF2 x3 [emot=23]


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Bedridden Journal Day #4

And of course I forgot to write my journal yesterday, I'm setting a damn alarm telling me to write it before I sleep, so I can't forget, so yeah, yesterday was another uneventful day, spent most of it chatting or building shit in minecraft, this journal is helping me, I haven't been feeling as ba...
24/08/2016 14:07

Bedridden Journal Day #3

I forgot to write this one up yesterday... So yeah... Nothing much happened, got into some more arguments that made me feel worse, then spent most of the day just thinking about the past fuck ups I've had and the awful things I've done. I do wana change my life around but I can't until i'M freed ...
23/08/2016 15:51


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Transgender · Dog · Homosexual · Sagittarius
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Nicknames Kincy, Kince-kun, Pup, Kitten, Cub
26/11/2015 12:11


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I lost. posted to Kince

12/11/2016 04:36

Dark Souls? 

Kince · 12/11/2016 19:33

What do you mean? 

I lost. · 12/11/2016 19:34 · 1 Reply

Do you have it for Xbox? 

Kince · 12/11/2016 19:39

No sorry 

SnowVampire posted to Kince

08/12/2015 19:57

Thanks for the sub!^^