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Notice: Moving

Published: 6 months ago

Hey Sorry for the radio silence! I just wanted to let everyone know we're in the process of moving right now. I'll be moving into a hotel within the next week and me and my 2 roommates will be searching for apartments locally. So things will be a bit spotty here and there but once I'm in the hotel things should be ok.  So yes we will be homeless again though we've technically been homeless for a while now. Only staying here as long as we could. 

I have everything on my PC right now as well. I don't think I mentioned but I'm using a new computer now. Well new for me anyway. One of the folks we were staying with sold me an old gaming rig. 

I'm using a new art program now called Clip Studio paint and talk about a world of difference. Between the Huion and the New art program, art's gotten far easier. I will be picking back up all owed art and starting that as I can. 

If we had a trade and you haven't done your half of it yet I'll probably be canceling all owed art trades where the other person hasn't done their half yet. Otherwise, if you've done your half I still 100 percent plan to finish my half for you. So stay tuned for that! I have a bunch of WIP stuff and a few things I'm either going to redo or need to update. 

Within the next couple of weeks if I owe you art please look out for a note for me with your WIP! 

Raffle stuff: That raffle from a year ago if I don't have what you want written down I'll be canceling those as I don't have time and it's been over a year since then. I will hold a raffle in the future but it the prize will be smaller so I'm able to do it. I don't want to take on anything like that until my situation is more stable and my queue is clear. 

Also please keep in mind all owed art is on this Trello! You can check the status of your trade or commission at any time using this link:

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