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Social Media and Instant Messengers

Published: 6 months ago

Hey I got a new telegram now ! I lost access to my old account (I'll be contacting Telegram when I can about having it removed) if i'm able to. I no longer have access to that phone number.

Any way it's

Keep in mind I no longer have access to the KingGigabyte Telegram. My new username on there is currently CervineTeeth

I got Discord to if any one wants that it's Mcgucket#6974

please do not ask me to use Skype I hate Skype so much.

Also keep in mind i’m far more active on Discord right now but i’ll try to keep both apps open. I do run a giant Gravity Falls Fanserver after all.

[url][/url] <- Invite to Gravity Falls Server


Also Casual reminder you can find me on Tumblr, Deviantart, Instagram and more !

Instagram - KingGigabyte
Twitter - KingGigabyte
Furaffinity - KingGigabyte
Deviantart - KingGigabyte
Tumblr - KingGigabyte
Gravity Falls Fanart Tumblr - CervineTeeth

Full Link List - [url][/url]

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