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His shoulder is really naked but it will have something on it later. I"d like to credit crazyredhead for helping me with red lines on this. Seriously I'd be lost if they hadn't helped. Also, that star fish is indeed alive and it grew an eye because it feeds on Billy's corruption. Bill is a crown tail betta. Coming Soon will be a half moon Betta Dipper to go with this. 


Also, there is a story behind this! 

As punishment for sins the axolotl banished Bill Cipher 5,000+ years back in time. Billy was turned into a siren and most of his powers stripped. he was supposed to make amends but instead rampaged for several hundred years after tearing his own eye and part of his throat out in a rage.

Billy was soon viewed as an ocean god with a terrible temper.  He was split far apart from his two brothers William Cipher and Killian Cipher.  

In Egypt they where viewed as true gods and given the names 

Billy - Nebu (gold) god of chaos and fire
Will - Wadjit (blue) god of order and Ice
Kill - Deshret (red earth) god of justice and earth

Billy was in the southern sea, Wadjit around the arctic and Asia with Kill just sort drifting where ever he felt like being. Though he mostly stuck to the western sea. 

Bill was meant to gain his powers back if he behaved but instead, he slowly gained them over several thousand years. At some point, he’s able to ascend into his next form which is Harpy/Siren. Though he’s unable to fly what so ever. All three of the boys forms go like this. 

Siren - > Harpy -> Humanoid -> Prismatic (Rainbow bill)  -> Eldritch lv 1 -> Eldritch level 2 (Dragon) -> Mega dragon (All three fused at Lvl 2) 

Though Mega dragon will hopefully never come to pass as it would have the power to crack the earth in half and destroy the universe.  

Billy was also banned from ever being able to get into the nightmare realm along with being able to travel through time if he ever had the ability to do so. 

Billy eventually gains the power to dimension hop with his most deadly powers locked by the Axolotl so he can never use them. Some of these being the ability to murder some one out right with his mind and bring them back to life. And the lack of being able to bring some one back to life turned out to be a painful punishment to him as well. 

Having formed powerful bonds to few people and watching them grow old and die has made him hideously bitter to the world and trusting humans. Having to deal with human emotions as well was painful enough to begin with. 

He’s pretty rough to deal with but he’s gained a lot of power and wisdom over his long life. He’s still dangerous even with out some of his original powers. On top of that, he has trust issues, abandonment issues, and he can be possessive. He still has yet to actually seek out the pines to make amends for what he did.

Bill Cipher and Gravity Falls (c) Alex Hisrch
Concepts and design (c) Me

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