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I made a new character based on Stanford Pines/Gleeful ! It's a baphomet type of character. No specific goat breed but the horns where referenced from a four horned sheep !! 

I tried to give him Ford hair but it looked really bad with every thing he's wearing. I may change to floppy ears I don't know yet but I'll be adding more things to give him a Stanford type of look. My friend calls him Baphord and my roomate called him Billphamet. 

He has a lot of neck fluff to emulate the fluffy white fur on Stanford Gleeful's cape. I plan to do a full body at some point and try to work in more neat stuff. He really gives off a ciphord/ciford type of feel though. 

Other sites: [url]https://linktr.ee/kinggigabyte[/url]

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