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Hey all! I'm Rey, short for Ríoghán! I'm an artist of many trades but for all purposes in the fandom we'll say I'm a digital artist. 
I've traveled the world, and met many people and done many things. I am very spiritual. I love to help people out!
I'm kind of like the mom friend tbh, but I really don't like being touched and I'm really very stand offish to people I don't instantly like.
I'm a jack of all trades so if you ever need something I can probably get you where you need to be!
I'm 22 years old, I currently live in Las Vegas, NV
I am also known as Tempy, or KingTempy (as on my FA) 
I have many talents and hobbies! 
Not sure how much I'm gonna use this TBH, but we'll see!
Feel free to message me anytime!


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King Rey

12/01/2017 15:26


12/01/2017 15:26


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Awkward Doggo

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KingRey posted

06/01/2017 14:54

Just joined! Gimme a bit to set it all up :3

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