Kipcha Mamoru the Tiger is feeling Happy
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Hey Everyone, It is I the White Siberian Tiger from NEPA: Kipcha Mamoru! This is also the FA Account for Draykan Mamoru as well (my 2ndary Fursona).

About Me:
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5’10”
Mate Status: Single, but still looking!
Occupation: Nursing Technician (soon to be Double Red Cell Tech) @ NEPA Region American Red Cross
Area: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Hobby(s): Art, Music, Dancing, Drag, Sleeping
Fursona(s): Kipcha & Draykan Mamoru

Commission Status:
OPEN (Currently Badges only): 
For Prices:

FC1.Fv~ S$AM0+ S$^Feline_-_Tiger G$+ G$^ H$5'11'-f W$130-n T$3 fts-f W$6'-f A$ M$+ H$+ M$++ M$ P$+ F$+^+++^++++^+++++++^+++++++++^++++++++++ S$+ N$KipchaMamoru


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Officially Arrived!

I, Kipcha Mamoru, the Siberian White Tiger on Weasyl & FA have finally arrive on the scene here! I will be working on getting my artwork uploaded and added to my galleries as soon as possible! And I hope I get to see more artwork from all the other users here as well :D
03/08/2015 00:23


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Draykan Mamoru

13/07/2016 21:36


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Bliz posted to Kipcha Mamoru

07/08/2015 02:27

:) thanks for the sub 

Kipcha Mamoru · 07/08/2015 04:32 · 1 Reply

No Prob thanks for the Sub back :)

Bliz · 07/08/2015 04:35

[emot=4] your welcome