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Kiritsune's parents were murdered as an infant, being the target to be eliminated by a band of human assassins. However the leader of the guild took him in as the child was not a target. As Kiritsune was growing up, he was trained at a very early age to handle weapons. Daggers, Throwing knives, Crafting traps, and making uses of poisons, as well as basic survival. He was often treated poorly by the other members due to him being a fox. Until one day, around Kiritsune's birthday and just turning 20. He was given his first job as being an Assassin, he was to eliminate someone who was a potential threat to the assassins. Before the night of his target, he was cleaning the master's office to find an old document, as well as sketches of their targets. He had found that it was the very people who raised him, was responsible for taking his only family away. In a rage, Kiritsune began to attack and kill the members of his group. After being wounded from his attacks, and finally killing everyone he ran away in confusion, frustration, and guilt. Covered in blood and running outside to grieve in the snow. Just as he was thinking to himself, why...

He was struck by an arrow to the heart. The arrow came from the heaven's and pierced him in the heart. Falling over and losing his consciousness he found himself confronted by a spirit, a goddess... The goddess of forgiveness, and asked him if he wished to truly die, or to make amends for his ways. He couldn't live thinking of what he had so recently done. The goddess stated she could help him redeem himself, if atoned for his sins by her will. With this, he gratefully accepted her guidance into becoming a better person. At he snap of her fingers, he awoke in he snow. With the very arrow that pieced him, bound around his neck. The goddess, taking residence in his necklace and able to communicate and even forcefully shove him into the necklace while taking his place in his vessel. From here on out, the goddess is simply called... "Kiri" because her name is too difficult for mere mortals!

This is where his journey begins...



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Former assassin, he sees only to journey place to place to help those in need to atone for his sins.

Extra Details

During his journey, he found a poro. A wounded poro who needed his help, and now is his eternal companion.

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His soul is now bound to the necklace and must have it on at all times~

Alfie Davis · 04/12/2016 03:42

I gotta say, this character has SO much in the way of story. both potential and his bio. the only thing that tops it is the amazing artwork you have for him! :3

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