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Hey there everyone, for those of you who don't know who I am. My name is John, however most refer to me as Kit or Kiri.
I really enjoy being in the company of my friends. I am just a simple guy!
Nothing really special to me at all to be fairly honest with you.
I really enjoy Furaffinity because I'm able to see such amazing artwork and meet so many interesting people.
Feel free to leave a comment! I will likely respond the moment I am able to.
I usually change my status listed on the top left of my profile to indicate when I am either Online, or at work!
Thank you guys so much for viewing my profile!

Details of Gift Art

So I have received questions questions about gift art for the past month. On both receiving and giving. I do accept gift art and I would likely upload it with a "[Gift]" Tag within the title of the submission. 
However, there are some restrictions that must be followed.


1. No NSFW art work of my primary Sona Kiritsune and/or Kiri - Unless given permission to do so. (Mature themes are usually okay, but not explicit content with another Character.

2. Serenity and Calamity are fair game, Anything is accepted. (Just nothing extreme in terms of fetishes.)

3. Gifts are nice, but please don't go overboard with it! I'll feel terrible.


1. If I inform you that I will be giving you a gift/raffle piece (If you are okay with it) Please do NOT ask me about it so often. It's free art, No complaining. 

2. Once you Verify that the gift is okay, I will continue with it as planned. Unless the artist does not appear to be in-active for a long period of time.

3. ALWAYS! Give credit to the artist!

Check this out to view up-coming commissions, if you're expecting something from me please note me!


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Activating Furrific account!

Hey there everyone, I've come to the decision that I'll likely begin to upload some of the submissions I've purchased from various artists from FA. However, I need to activate my account. I can't seem to find where it tells me to "re-send" the activation link, and my E-mail is completely cleaned ...
21/05/2016 06:05
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I'm new here

Hey there everyone. I decided to try this site out, I noticed an e-mail notification of this new site, I don't know for sure how active I will be on here, but I will be keeping most of my uploads on my Furaffunity. My FA is BlizzardKitsune if you're interested, otherwise I am happy to make new fr...
17/07/2015 22:30


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Male · Arctic fox · Heterosexual · Virgo
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22/05/2016 18:00


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June Sy

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