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Artist Type: Anthro Artist

.◦°˚♥ ~ ABOUT ME ~ ♥˚°◦.

Sex : Female
Age : 26
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Location : UK
Fursona : Canine ( Aardwolf )
I am a fun loving fur who idolizes her friends and loves furry art. I am not the best of artists but i do try and love to learn new things, But i will admit most of the Art you will see here will be commissions for me or just some damn awesome art that caught my eye OwO hehe. All i want is to make other happy, make others smile, spread the warmth and generally make the world a better place ^^;; ........ Also i'm quite derpy and fun and Looove to make new friends *Wags Tail* so if you like meh and wish to be my friend you can find me here, Skype or SecondLife ^^ My Usernames are below on my Contact Meh infos ♥ Much Love ♥ :3

.◦°˚ Furry love, furry pride, furry forever ˚°◦.

Engaged to My soulmate Snazzy Wolf ♥ I love you today more than yesterday, But less than tomorrow ♥ Always and forever and Fur~ever baby ♥

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Species: Wildcat
Artist Type: digital artist
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Sheato Shadeslight posted to Kirsty_Marie

30/08/2015 10:09

Thanks for the sub :P

Sibyl posted to Kirsty_Marie

28/08/2015 22:21

 thank you so much ;-; I am new here! And uh uh I dunno what to do! Some submissions are still being edited ;-;?

Kirsty_Marie · 29/08/2015 00:23

Your welcome ^.^ Oooh i am new here too hehe, i got an email invite so just set it up now and dunno what to do myself haha xD its kinda confusing as im so use to FA lol

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