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She ages slower than a human would by a few years. Though that doesn’t stop her from being mature. She is always there for her friends, through thick and thin, and it always good for giving advice or simply being there when someone needs a friend. Joking comes easy to her no matter the situation, especially if there is someone there to start it off. If she is happy you’ll know it, her remarks and movements will show nothing shy of her bubbly nature that always seems to be there. Strength is no stranger to her due to the events in her life that forced her to do so. After all what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Knowing how to pick herself up and solve a problem is nothing new to her, hence why she is a good person to go to advice for. Not to mention she is understanding of most circumstances that come with the problems that people come to her.
Being a loving Creature is an understatement for her. Some might even call her the mother bear of the group, always there to be compassionate when needed or be the voice of reason. Also when one of the people she cares about is in danger she is always the first to step up to the plate to stand up for those who can’t. Though the trouble with Kit is that when she falls into a slump of sadness she hides it easily, wearing a perfectly painted mask of false happiness. Only those close to her can pick up on the small clues she leaves without realizing it if they can catch them at all. She chooses not to burden other with her troubles when she sinks down low, not wanting to bring them down, even if everyone sometimes needs to lean on others once in a while. It could be a hurricane of emotion inside her, ripping her mind into torn pieces as the doubt and confusion rain down upon her in an attempt to drown her in the sorrow that clings to her thoughts. But every storm has its end, though some worse than others. Though such storms are caused from betrayal of those close to her. When she is simply sad over another matter, less severe, she doesn’t mind showing such things to the ones she cares about and confining in them.
She can easily be described as laid back and easy going. Not many things upset her and rarely does she raise her voice in a non-joking matter. It takes a lot to ruffle her fur but when it does one would want to take a step back because if she is angry there is a reason to it. Friendship is easily started with her because everyone deserves a chance in her mind, or even two if need be it, but if one was to seriously go against her trust their friendship would no longer hold the weight it once did because hurt feelings can never truly be mended completely. But once someone becomes friends with Kit they never have to worry about her hurting them in any way, shape, or form. She will do everything in her power to make sure her friends are safe and happy, even at the expense of her own happiness.
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The above was written by my friend in Real life. Her and I are like sisters and though we rarely speak or hang out due to the chaotic lives we have we always find time for other if truly needed.
When told that Kit was to represent me, she wrote this and it brought tears to my eyes reading. 
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