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I have been wanting to practice using colors when painting for so long omg, I finally got my chance.

This was entirely for practice, this is NOT a finished piece. I used various painting styles in this piece for texture and colors. I was experimenting various ways to mix colors and really try to find a way for me to make the character look "painted". For an experimental piece, I think I did alright!

Everything is on one layer, except for the slight blue glow for the spots and the background. No grey scale was used, only natural colors! I would love to continue to render this piece, but I started to lose interest after a while. I think I finally understand how to make things look painted and really fit in! Hopefully I can incorporate things like this in future pieces :)

And I guess this is my first attempt at a somewhat NSFW piece? I dunno, felt like adding in that there crotch HUEHUE


I'm not sure how to view Mature work on here... I did post the mature version of this on here already, but I can't see it :/ So have the SFW version

Kepidemic · 25/09/2015 08:14

 Wow, such a beautiful character :D

Libby Airspinner · 25/09/2015 22:21


Niko Linni · 29/09/2015 01:18

I really like the colors that you used on this. Looks really beautiful.

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