Kizmit the Marten is feeling Cheerful
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Hello everyone!

Thanks for coming across my little profile here.

I've been a furry artists for the past 12+ years.

I was a bit o a late bloomer to the anthro world, but have tried to make the most of it since.

I'm generally cheerful and care free.

Kizmit, my fursona, has gone through some very drastic changes recently and has somehow come out as a Pine Marten~

I feel she reflects me more now - rather than clinging to an aesthetic I grew out of.

I am happily married to someone who doesn't partake in internet activities~

I am inspired mostly by Pin-Up style arts and this reflects in the poses that I draw my characters in.



My icon was created by Robyn_Paperdoll


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Artist Type: anthro artist
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Kizmit posted

03/08/2015 08:31

Was given a random invite via email, and was looking to get back into furry/anthro art! Great timing. :D