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Striggi started his life at a working farm which belonged to a rich family. There he used to train for pulling heavy items for the people who lived there. He enjoyed his work a lot, at his free time he would pull the children having the best time of his life. 
One day one of the horses knocked over an lantern which caused a devastating fire to break loose, The children ran, screaming for help while the adults tried to control the fires, to no hope. The farm burned to the ground taking the many lives of the family down with it.
Striggidaé managed to break loose, carrying the carrier with a few of the unconscious children with him. He ran as fast as he could to try to save the only memories he could possibly save. He came to a point where it seemed like the fires would calm down. Striggidaé turned his head in panic noticing the children were no longer in the carrier. He searched for the children crying for them as loud as he could, only to see the breathtaking sight of the children laying a few hundred meters down the road crying back for him.. Surrounded by fire.

He could do nothing to help them, he could only carry on with  the only memory he had left, the carrier the children used to play in.


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190 Meters · 623 Feet, 4.31 Inches


130Kg · 20 Stone, 6.6 Pound

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His body is very masculine built, he has long bushy ears and a double bushed tail (Start and bottom) as well as 2 pairs of dew claws (1 pair on front paws and 1 on hind paws) 
He's a very Bulky and Shark like appearance.

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(Character profile picture by CakeInDaFridge on DA)

Striggidae is a Puller Vayron from the ARPG World-Of-Reos on DA.

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ARPG (World-Of-Reos)