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I'm Kizu from like.. All over the internet, you might know me from Youtube or something!

I'm a mixed-mood artist! I do different kind of art, SFW, NSFW, Concepts and a lot of crap! :D 
Don't be afraid to say hi! I'm usually very friendly!

Still working on my page!


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I'm brand new to this page! Morisith {/Morisith} made me join it by showing me all the awesome features, huehhueh! I'm just trying to understand all of this as I go! I'll try and actually be active here, but I'm mainly active on DA nowdays! Have a nice day!
18/01/2017 01:38


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Male · Vayron · Questioning · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Striggi, Budo, Striggibae
(Character profile picture by CakeInDaFridge on DA) Striggidae is a Puller Vayron from the ARPG ...
25/09/2017 11:49


Male · Wolf · Gay ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Sassy-Yo
Generally Joey is a calm doggo, But he tends to be overprotective at times.
17/01/2017 17:44


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I lost.

Mood: disappointed
Joined 23/05/2016 15:01


Species: demon
Artist Type: digital artist
Mood: groggy
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Joined 19/08/2015 20:31


I lost. posted to KizuNova

17/01/2017 17:23


KizuNova · 17/01/2017 17:25 · 1 Reply


I lost. · 17/01/2017 17:25

Hiiiiiiii o3o

KizuNova · 17/01/2017 17:27 · 1 Reply

Idk what I'm doing

I lost. · 17/01/2017 17:29

I'm here because a penguin told me to be here. I'mma touch your butt. 

KizuNova · 17/01/2017 17:32

Sexual assault *Runs*

I lost. · 17/01/2017 17:33

Yes, Uncle Bad Touch is here. 

KizuNova · 17/01/2017 17:42


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