Knightonworks the Human is feeling Ecstatic

Real name: Matthew Knighton.

Alias: Knightonworks

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Species:  human*

I am a fun caring individual,   who will love you regardless of who or what you are,   even if we disagree on everything.

I'm very sfw, as such you will not find porn, NSFW,  or even suggestive stuff in my gallery or favs,  sorry if that'swhat your llooking for.

You'll find a broad range in style and even mediums in my gallery though,  as I'm still learning and developing my skills.

I'm an open book person,  ask me anything I'll tell you honestly,  and will not hide anything.

Raffles:  will be announced

Requests: currently closed, 

Commissions:  not yet**

Trades:  perhaps***


Email is best,   deviant art works too, ask me for Skype as I only give that to good friends,  same with kik.


Q: Do you RP?

A: yes,  I do enjoy descriptive and simple rp, I will typically create new character for different rps,  and even control multiple characters too.?  

Q: do you yiff rp?

A:  no,  incessant attempts will earn you a permanent ban on my list,   and note this is the only time I tend to band people,  fortunately I haven't had to yet,  don't be the first please.

Q: do you like cuddles and hugs?

A:  I love hugs and cuddles,  feel free to give me one.

Q: what about kisses?

A:  yes, but each male has only 2,  and females 12. Per year.

Q:you don't yiff, you don't use porn, how do you have fun?

A:   as a child you didn't need these things to have fun,  instead you used imagination and creativity,  you hung out and just enjoyed life,  I art, I rp,  I practice and develop skills, I look learn, I read,  I serve, and work.

Q:  Will you do free art?

A:  yes but I reserve all rights as to what's acceptable and not,  I also will not do anything pornographic in nature,   and note pornographic means that it is created with the explicit intent of arousing sexual arousal. So even if it has clothes,  it is still classified as porn if it is done in such a way as to elicit those desires.

Q:  why don't you like porn/yiff?

A:  many reasons,   one I'm a recovered porn addict, two, recent research is showing that it is detrimental to mental health, and social health,  three,   it is against my religion.

Q: why do you not do commissions?

A: read the double *

Q:  why are you human?

A: I myself am content being human,  and don't feel the need to be anything other than who I am, I don't hide,  however I do enjoy creating new characters and placing myself in their shoes,  both male and female.   I do have a go to fur I use for a few rp,  but for the most part I create new ones for each one to fit into the story.  (Read single *)

*I kinda have a fursona, I also have several oc's I use, all developed for rp, however I prefer to be human. my sona though is Elm,  a tigon (tiger dragon hybrid)   who is kind of an expy of another oc I have named Mauthen,  though older and not nearly as tragic background.  If you have any questions about my characters or elm feel free to ask.

**commissions, I do not yet feel comfortable or confident enough in my artistic ability to even consider selling it yet,  I continue to work hard that I might be able to one day.  Until then I do requests to develop my skill,  and raffles,  note I do find humans easier to draw and create than furs.

***Trades, I've never done one,  think it could be interesting,  though I feel it falls into the commission cattagory of not being skilled or confident enough,  nevertheless, I might be persuaded to do one.  Please note I will not instigate a trade.  But I'm not opposed to them.


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hank you very much for subscribing, it is much appreciated  

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Ah no problem you have great work that I've seen so far.   

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also, I would like to ask as a general question, what kind of art would you like to see from me? 

(I will be uploading old pieces but I'd like to know how to appeal to the community with things I add that are new!)

Knightonworks · 06/08/2015 04:05

Well as for me,  if it's clean and sfw I'm happy and interested.   Honestly I enjoy watching how artists develop.  

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Knightonworks · 05/08/2015 16:51

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Hey there, which group would you say Aliens come under on the species list?

Knightonworks · 03/08/2015 15:22

Probably other,   figure depending on the design of the species could be mammalian,   could be reptilian, invertebrate, etc.  

Knightonworks · 04/08/2015 00:41

I'd like to thank you for the timely response and action in my trivial request,  I didn't think it would be that big of a concern,   I'm extremely impressed and appreciate it.   Keep up the great work.  

Bun Fluffpaws · 04/08/2015 09:01 · 1 Reply

Hehe thank you sweetie, and it doesn't make it trivial if even a small percentage of users have something new from 1 line of code, it was just luck that everything else was ready for that update on that day, thanks again and any sharing is appreciated 

Knightonworks · 05/08/2015 01:19

Oh?   Cool.   And I'll keep that in mind.   

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