Derileth the Dog
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Derileth is a komondor. He has blue eyes, and he lets the dreads on his head grow extra long. He dyes them brown to make it look like long hair. He is never seen not wearing a heavy metal t-shirt of some kind.

I am a libertarian leaning conservative. I support freedom, liberty and limited government. I am a gamer. I love computers. like to read. I am a metal head. I love classic rock and prog rock, too. I love collecting music on vinyl. I am huge fans of baseball and hockey. Go Texas Rangers. Go Dallas Stars.


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Ancient Wolf posted to Derileth

11 months ago

Thanks for the fave on Rissanivi! ^.^

Madame Sparx posted to Derileth

23/11/2017 05:48

Thank you for subscribing! :D

Derileth ยท 23/11/2017 23:06

You're welcome

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