KonekoCat the Cat is feeling Happy
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Birthday is 2/3/97

Personality: Shy, anxious, bit of a pushover, likes making people happy even if she's not, cries a lot for no real reason sometimes, gets excited over little things easily, tries to be cute and sometimes succeeds, dislikes being touched, needy, knows a lot of useless facts, gets scared easily, smart, lazy



Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Unemployed at the moment

Extra Details

Draw her fanart
Draw her in clothes
Do draw her either feral or anthro (feral form has no blue!)
Do draw her shy or sad, or whatever fits her personality
Do draw her with your characters
Do change her blue spots to another color to go along with a holiday (Green for St. Patrick's day, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, etc)
Do genderbend her

NO gore! (includes blood, skeleton, guts, etc)
NO 420, weed/pot/marijuana (I'm fine with it, just don't do it myself, and I don't want her to either)
NO drugs or alcohol (again, I'm do not do these things)
NO nsfw with another character
Don't draw her out of character (angry, feisty, preppy, etc)
Don't mate her with your characters
Don't draw her as a species she's not.. she's just a cat..
Don't add long human like hair.. she's a cat.. she doesn't need hair.. she has fur.
Don't make her a kitten/baby fur (I am not interested in baby furs, I may draw a kitten picture somewhere down the line but she looks different in it since Siamese cats are born pure white)

Before drawing her in nsfw
Before drawing fetish art (I may allow certain ones, but others are a no go)Before before drawing her in outfits that aren't listed above or on her refsheet (like if you want to draw her in a dress or something, or something more girly and formal)


1.49 Meters · 4 Feet, 10.66 Inches


68.03Kg · 10 Stone, 9.98 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type

Curvy, large breasts and wide


A bit chubby

Extra Attributes

Eye color: Blue
Natural Fur color: White, Creme, Brown, and Black
Height: 4'11
Weight: 140 lbs
Body type: curvy/chubby
Breast size: D38
Body mods: Blue dyed fur (ears and tail tip), pierced ears (rarely wears earrings), pierced lip (spider bites)
Clothing: hoodies, flannel button up shirts, t-shirts, v-necks, sweats, and jeans (normally marvel, pokemon, or zelda related)
Accessories: blue collar with silver studs and bell, black lip studs, earrings (sometimes), and glasses (rarely)

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Cute, shy, and a scaredy cat.
Koneko is a chocolate colorpoint domestic shorthair with white markings. She is collared. 19 years old. Submissive little. Blue markings are dyed into her fur. Also suffers from bad anxiety.

Character information





Zodiac Sign


  • 33


  • Created: 26/05/2016 16:04


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

No roleplay. Period. Do not use her in roleplay either.