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Just a friendly fox who likes to draw and write and all that. I’d love to talk to you if you’re looking for someone to talk with, and I would also be fine with doing some RP if that’s what you want.


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I want you all to know this before looking at my Bloodlines work and how it is organized: For the True Canon of Bloodlines, you will find that all under: “Bloodlines: Konnar Has A Dream.” A Simpler Life is an alternate universe, though “Let’s Start Over” is part of True Canon. That’s all for now!
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Just a heads up on what’s happening around here and the fact that I’m nearly ready to start regularly posting here (hopefully). For starters, what is Bloodlines? Bloodlines is the entirety of my worldbuilding and will be what most all of my works fall under in category. I will post stories about...
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