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^_^ Hi hi All ^_^

Thank you for visiting my page

There isn't much to put here at the moment. I've only recently started drawing with any real commitment to it or desire to get better, but I love drawing and have been inspired by my friends and some awesome people I've met to get better. So hopefully there will be a lot more of my own work being posted up here as well as things I might get commissioned for myself.

I will try to populate this with some more relevant information moving forward, once I figure out what to write or find something noteworthy to put here.

Please remember that all the art I create and post here remains copyright of me unless commissioned or otherwise stated in which case copyright is credited to the artist. Please respect what this means to the artists and do not copy, alter, recolour or distribute any of my art in any way. Please also refrain from drawing my sona without my express permission before hand.

Thanks everyone



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Stream is up, music, fun chat, donations accepted and chance of freebies. Everything to a good cause. Please join us. First raffle for all viewers shortly
25/08/2016 23:04
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YCH for a good cause

http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17926542/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17926542/} http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17926542/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17926542/} Hi Hi All, YCH for a good cause and still low bids ATM One of my lovely friends and very talented artist Johnny Mei {http:/...
12/10/2015 05:24


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18/03/2016 08:02


18/03/2016 08:01


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Yuki Ookami

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Johnny Mei Love posted to Korri

19/07/2015 03:58


Korri · 19/07/2015 06:07 · 1 Reply

^_^ <3 thnx for sharing, happily support you on here too, and the site looks and works very smoothly.

Johnny Mei Love · 19/07/2015 06:09

yea yo i personally like it. I can't wait for it to grow more! Thank you so much for the support seriously!! 

Korri · 19/07/2015 06:11 · 1 Reply

Just been poking around so far, but it's nice and it's intuitive, and of course ^_^ you are more than welcome for the support, thnx for posting so much awesome art

Johnny Mei Love · 19/07/2015 06:13

same goes for you yo! I'm really proud of you!! 

Korri · 19/07/2015 06:14 · 1 Reply

#^_^# aww thnx....I'm trying lol, but have only just started out.....seriously so much appreciation for your kind comments and for you tweeting about me! 0_0 that was super awesome of you

Johnny Mei Love · 19/07/2015 06:22

yea yo!! Anytime!! I will always do my best to help those who are also helpful. Youre def worth it! Youre doing really well. Im proud keep it up yo! :>/

Audri Sciuto · 19/07/2015 14:30

You're quite welcome, I love your art!

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