KrankDorgi the Dog is feeling Bouncy
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KrankDorgi posted

02/12/2016 22:26

Hellooooo I'm a fun fur who gets along with just about anyone! They call me the helpful Dorgi for a reason, I'm extremely loyal to those who treat me right. I'm pretty forgiving unless you've intentionally done something to make me despise you. Other than than, I'm very loving and caring! Energetic, enthusiastic, motivating, cheerful, trustworthy, fun to be around! If you wanna talk I'm very open to any conversation (unless you ask for unnecessary things right off the bat, then you will be blocked!) If you peak my interest, be warned, I will be chattier than the chattiest chatter ever. xD I love having interesting conversations and making new friends, sharing art and ideas, collaborating every once in a while as I am a digital artist/fursuit maker/fursuiter. HMU if you want to know more abut me :3

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