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HELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm Kuro Kat I'm here to possibly ruin ur day and I have to say damn I didn't know there was an entire website dedicated to curries I'm speechless its like some one handed me a reward and said here's ur reward and the lube now go shove it waaaaaaaaay up ur but hole.... And then u realize the lube is sand and u already started allying and its just a big mess now...... ANYWAY I digress I'm here cause I have fallen in love .... That's right.. I've fallen in love with this amazing baby fur  comic called Shine by Gem its amazing OML I have finally found the perfect baby fur comic and its fucking amazing (pardon my language any babies out there I'll wash my mouth out with soap later)

But I guess while I'm waiting for the next Shine to come out I'll be posting up my attempts at ART!!!!! now mind u not all of my art will be Currie based but that's because when it comes to fur art I suck I'll work on that but in the mean time I'll post other stuff and title them appropriately

Now one rule

I'm not Willy Wanka I don't sugar coat shit (again I'll wash my mouth out later just don't repeat any of this to ur mommy or daddy) and with that rule that I will not repeat I say the same should go for u the viewers don't beat around the bush tell me straight out what u think I should approve cause let's face it everyone needs to improve heck even Shine in all its beauty probably could use some work now what that might he..... Idk and honestly I love it too much to find anything wrong with it

BUT ANY WAY TYHATS JUST A TEORY A..... Wait hold up its not game theory...... Uh..... Hold on it's here some where "tpircs eht daer" ..... -Wispers- I'm trying what do u....."etadpu txen llit".............. TILL NEXT UPDATE.     -walks off putting soap in my mouth and scrubbing my tongue-


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