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Welcome to my little corner of the world! I'm Ky'tora (Ky-tora). Some people call me Ky, Kitsu or just Kit for short.
I'm always up for meeting new people, and making new friends. Free free to poke me! I may not respond right away, but I will when I get the chance to!


Name: Ky'tora Ansar (Ky tora An sar).
Reference Sheets: (SFW) (NSFW).
Age: December 1990.
Gender: Male.
Personality: INFP-T.
Orientation: Gay, with some Bi-Curiosness.
Likes: Pizza, video games, Subaru, music, Star Trek, Star Wars, canines, felines, FOXES!, pokemon, digimon.
Dislikes: SPIDERS, intolerant people, politics, country music, rap music.

Location: Harrisburg, PA


Conventions Attended/Attending:
Anthrocon 2016
Anthrocon 2017


Do not use any characters, or artwork belonging to me for your own personal, or professional goals without my permission, and the artist/s. Permissions from the Artist/s (of which I commissioned), and myself, are required in order to use the characters, or artwork. This includes re-posting and/or re-tracing artwork for other websites, or FA pages (personal page, group page, etc). If you wish to offer gift art, however, this is a more acceptable usage of characters belonging to me, without requiring permission. So long as it is intended for gift art, and nothing more.


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Ky'tora Ansar

Herm · Fox · Homosexual · Capricorn
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Nicknames Kyt (Kit)
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