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Art Fight!

Published: 29/06/2017 12:50

I love art fight so much and it's starting again on the 1st July.

lupeyroo · 29/06/2017 14:21 · 2 Replies

Looks like a fun way to get out of my art block but like, howd does it work? I'm confused

Tea · 29/06/2017 15:03

Now you just submit characters, and on the 1st of July it will start. There will be two teams (Last time was Magic v Tech) and you choose a team. Then you find people on the opposite team and attack them by drawing them. You get scored on what type of stuff you do (sketch, lines, colour, background, animations, etc) and the points are added to your team's total. The person you attacked has the chance to attack you back by drawing you art, which evens the scores a little.
It's a really fun and good-spirited game, I enjoyed it very much last year (Even if I literally just got people to draw me a strand of spaghetti)

lupeyroo · 29/06/2017 18:02

Do they have to be new OC's or can you draw an OC you already have in the theme?

Tea · 29/06/2017 19:37

Huh? You draw other people's OCs. There is no theme, just teams. The drawings don't have to be themed or anything, just drawings.

Tea · 29/06/2017 19:39

I'm half asleep and didn't understand good :D
Just normal OCs is the answer.

Morisith · 30/06/2017 13:57 · 2 Replies

I was part of it last year, and I dunno if I only met the wrong type of people but in general it wasn't fun for me xD I could give it another try to

Tea · 30/06/2017 14:54

I'm not making anyone fight, heh. Just saying it's happening. It's a shame you didn't enjoy it though :c 

Morisith · 30/06/2017 15:13

oh I joined lol. But used my "actual" name now, I don't remember what I used last year or if the account even exists. sohttp://artfight.net/~morisith it is 

thatBADfolf · 07/07/2017 13:07 · 3 Replies

Is it too late to join? 

Tea · 07/07/2017 13:13

Nope :) 

thatBADfolf · 07/07/2017 16:52


thatBADfolf · 08/07/2017 19:37

im too freaking young 

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