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Hiya! I am a LaochraAlainn TwoSpirit (Lao for short). I love writing Adult fantasy stories and I am currently developing a story based loosely on Little Red Riding Hood called RED. You can find it in my gallery! I am super excited about it since it is my first submission here!. If you like it feel free to favorite it and leave a comment! Also you should check out my husband Keosaf's page! My awesome husband Keosaf Twospirit and his artwork can be found under the username Keosaf. He is the one who designed my profile picture! If you like his artwork, he DOES accept commissions and his contact information can be found on his page! Alright enough small talk I guess I should tell you a bit about me:

Gender: Trans Male

Relationship status: Happily married to an awesome Fennec Fox named Keo x3

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Favorite Color: Pretty much anything bright/neon

Favorite foods: I like pretty much anything. Food in general is fabulous

Hobbies (besides my art): I like reading, cooking/baking, and playing video games

Favorite sport: Drinking

Any tattoos or piercings?: Ears, nose and belly button piercings at the moment but I want more. Also I'm working on a Cheshire cat tattoo design for my first tattoo. I'm pretty excited about it.

Anything Else?: I love Disney and Faerie Tales. I live them. Luckily my husband likes them too so he can handle my insanity x3

 Have an awesome day, you magnificent beasties!


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Lao Twospirit

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LaoTwospirit posted

21/05/2016 22:04

Red Part 2 has been released! Keep your eyes sharp for part 3 coming soon!