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Hi whats up. My name is Lonna. I like video games and junk. I am an artist who wishes to get even better at her craft. I also cosplay, like, a lot, its bonkers o3o. I am also dipping my hand into animation :3

If you want to Rp with any of my characters just shoot a message and stuff and we can talk about it :D I am a slut for some rps ♥

Sexual orientation : Pansexual

Gender : Female but I go by both pronouns

Age : 24

Work : I do unconventional work as well as art


Do you do commissions? : Not at the moment, right now its all friend art till I feel more comfortable in my abilities.

Is its okay to draw ___? : HELL YES! If you wanna draw someone go for it, I love art of everyone, all characters are fine to be in G-R rated pics, BUT!!! Constella is not allowed to be in sexual types of activities thank you ♥

What do you do for fun? : I sit on a computer and draw, listen to music, and play video games.

How are you? : I am good thank you, unless other wise stated.

Do you Rp? : -Looks above and points repeatedly at her saying she is a slut for Rps- Yes

Any other questions feel free to send me a message or whateves :D And here is a cookie for reading all this -pats your head-


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Holy crap man

I went and saved every art I have ever received on Fa and now I am going to save every piece of art I have ever done to this laptop just in case as well, like holy mother of gods I never knew I had so much STUFF on Fa!!!! There is just SO MUCH!
19/05/2016 14:40
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Well Hi There!

So I guess FA just kinda...died? I found this via a friend on FB and decided to give it a go :D So I hope to meet and make many friends along the way here. I dont know...I am pretty shy at first after all. But maybe this will help me break out a little more? I hope so!! So for now, its nice to me...
18/05/2016 20:17


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19/05/2016 14:15


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18/05/2016 20:35


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