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Layla is almost as old as the pyramids themselves. The hidden offspring of Bast and Anubis she was seen as a nuisance to all but her parents. So after she was of age she left her home and started to explore the world. Quickly becoming a party girl with the knack for attracting trouble. She learned quickly how to fight. She learned after a few fights that she had the ability to heal wounds as long as they were not close to death. Thus her other ability manifested. The ability to see ones time when they are closing in on death. Seeing those only broke her heart and so she threw herself into a life of endless parties and mayhem. Once the modern age rolled around she found a career as an adult actress and web cam model. She has a heart of gold though and will protect her friends at any cost, she is also a huge pervert but if she sees she is making the other uncomfortable, she will quickly cut it out.  

Favourite Food

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Works as a adult actress and cam girl model


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


59Kg · 9 Stone, 4.07 Pound

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Extra Attributes

Wears gold bangles around her arms and legs and one on her tail.

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Brash, speaks her mind, pervert, loves to party, heart of gold, very kind, will do anything to help

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Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

Any kind, but she is a party girl so she is very raunchy, if you cant handle her being a pervert then you should prob not interact with her.