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Princess Argante was a princess of old times. Her kingdom sat where the Everfree Forest now stands. Her family used to protect the Tree of Harmony. She was going to be crowned the next guardian, her older brother Prince Nightlash however did not like this decision. He was jealous and angry over the decision and thus his plot began. He killed the King and Queen and then cursed Argante and her people to be forever forgotten and unable to protect the Tree of Harmony forever more. A bubble became their prison. They could not be seen, heard, and their existence was now legend. Years passed and as it did and the forest grew, with the ponies getting less and less sunshine their coats became darker and darker. Argante tried to make artificial light for her people, it took its own toll though, making her coat entirely black. Now that the Tree was brought back to its original state the bubble was eradicated with the magical blast, her and her people were free, but at such a horrible cost to them, they did not know how to interact with others, and remain behind in the forest most the time, but now with a bit of magic, there is a safe path from her kingdom to Ponyville. Her magic also came with its own curse, her magical force is very large and hard to contain, thus her family made her special bracers she wears at all times. As long as one of them is on, she is in control.




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Ruler of the Harmony kingdom and protector of the Tree of Harmony

Extra Details

Her mane, tail, and cutie mark will change colors depending on the type of magic she uses.

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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