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Well Hi There!

Published: 18/05/2016 20:17

So I guess FA just kinda...died? I found this via a friend on FB and decided to give it a go :D So I hope to meet and make many friends along the way here. I dont know...I am pretty shy at first after all. But maybe this will help me break out a little more? I hope so!! So for now, its nice to meet you all!!

neonfurry101 · 18/05/2016 22:19 · 3 Replies

FA got hacked they say people started passing around flashdrives with most of FA's history and accounts on it and it got hacked by someone

LaylaSciacallo · 18/05/2016 22:21

Holy crap!!! Oh gosh I have art on there that I dont have on my new laptop yet!!! D:

neonfurry101 · 18/05/2016 22:24

Yea they said they might not get all of the history back sadly I have SO MUCH art on there that I didn't have saved so yeep its sad :c

LaylaSciacallo · 18/05/2016 22:24

oh god that super suuuuuucks Q^Q

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