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Holy crap man

Published: 19/05/2016 14:40

I went and saved every art I have ever received on Fa and now I am going to save every piece of art I have ever done to this laptop just in case as well, like holy mother of gods I never knew I had so much STUFF on Fa!!!! There is just SO MUCH!

Bun Fluffpaws · 19/05/2016 17:00 · 1 Reply

Haha, you never notice it when you collect over time but when its all out in front of you, just boom :D 

LaylaSciacallo · 19/05/2016 17:14

I know!! Its super crazy @~@ and a bit overwhelming too!

Ricari · 19/05/2016 17:55 · 3 Replies

I know how you feel! I've got so much more to upload, save to where I can. And things to find that Vanished from my computer! x.x

LaylaSciacallo · 19/05/2016 18:38

Good luck friend! You can do it!!

Ricari · 19/05/2016 18:44

Eventually. I know I have another seven or eight I've not uploaded anything of...and more than a few I have to upload a lot of art for. I bought one I've only ever put one piece up for...she has 135. I so need that luck!

LaylaSciacallo · 19/05/2016 18:48

-sends all forms of luck your way-

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