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This is only a temporary description, I'll actually have more information posted here later. Thank you so much.

I'm married to Jailbird from FA. She's the love of my life ^.^


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New Fursona

So after a long time deliberating I've decided to create a new fursona after 22 years. Not that I don't love the other ones, they've just become characters in an ever growing world that my wife and I are creating. I wanted something that better spoke of who I am and wasn't tied to so much. So I'm...
08/01/2017 20:21

Subscribers And Favs

I just wanted to tell you all, thank you so much for all the subscribers and favs. It really means a lot to me. Soon, I hope to later make use of the story uploading tools on this site and share with you all the story stuff I'm always talking about. Take care and I'll be uploading later.
03/12/2016 16:58


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Leenden Foxglove

Male · Fox · Bisexual · Cancer
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Nicknames Lee
Leenden Foxglove was never adventurous but was never known to shy away from adventure when it sho...
02/12/2016 17:18


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lupeyroo posted to Lee Anders

02/12/2016 17:11

Ahh! Welcome to furiffic leen!! I hope you, JB and the little one are doing well! Xxx

Lee Anders · 02/12/2016 17:16 · 1 Reply

We're doing great, little toddler is growing like a weed. It's so surprising how much of a little person she is.

lupeyroo · 02/12/2016 17:17

I dont think ive see. Pics since she was a tiny bab :p we need to totally get in touch more! Furiffic has a nice IM private message x

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