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What can I say? Been around within the community for a while; but only recently started to receive art pieces ( not without a lovely help of not less lovely friends ). I've been Rping for almost the same time I've been a furr.

Not sure what else to say, I prefer to be asked questions instead. But either way..

I have seven fursonas, which are the first "character profiles" I created here, none of those ( except of the zebra ) appeared artificially, instead most of them shown up during my sleep, after certain emotions and dreams.

Rather flexible in interests, I clearly share certain amount of passion when it comes to Rping, gaming and of course music - which is mostly metal.

What else can I add...


Russia, yes, shocker ( not really. )

I hope that with time I'll add more, however till that it's still a WIP.. Need some time to get used to this place.

My other contacts.


SL: Medina Camaero (liana.mefusula)

Skype: I really prefer to be asked about that thing.


League of Legends: SpaceBurd ( EU West )

P.S. - I don't mind "Russian" jokes, but least try to impress me hah! (Came up with it after hilarious experience with people over the years. x3 )


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Time to work on some moments here

Well, now I guess it's time to finally work on some details here. However due to being from tablet and in classes - will mostly be blank character profiles, that I'll fill later.
17/03/2016 06:43


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Female · Lion · Pansexual ·
Role-playing Yes
17/03/2016 07:08

Medina Camaero

Herm · Zebra · Bisexual ·
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Medi
17/03/2016 07:02


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