LimitedRon the Skunk is feeling Hopeful

Hello... I'm not good with bios of any kind so...

I want to be an artist but high school is getting busy and I don't know where to start on my drawing journey, so if you have any tips, it would be useful

Anyways, here's my fursona:

Name: Ron (Roshiel but I think I may change it)

Species: Skunk

(Pfp by Bodashtart)


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17/05/2018 23:09


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20/05/2019 00:43

Thank you for watching.

Exindiv ยท 29/01/2020 04:03

Oh! This is why the icon looked familiar. Well that's one brain itcher scratched.

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21/05/2018 02:33

Thanks for watch me