Lioness Lee the Lion is feeling Awake
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Hello. It's me again, Lioness Lee. I deeply apologize for how I've acted before. I've behaved loosely around here, what with having seriously disturbing statuses and, at the time, verbally threatening posts.

I was having some...major difficulty issues with my mentality. Anyway, let me start over.

Name - Lioness Lee (Real name - Lynnae Lee)

Age - 15

Gender - female (male in shark form)

Species - Human, but sometimes either a funny-looking great white shark, a Scottish blackface, or a Lion.

Birthday - June 3 

I've honestly been around for quite some time now and since I haven't been active like I should, I guess I'll skip to the formalities of this profile.

What I will draw -

F-zero (if I had the time)

Vore (I'm a weird kid, lol)

What I'll usually draw (animals and hybrids)

Monsters (I've grown attached)

Fan-characters (yes, I can, and I've made some myself)

Humans (I actually can now)

What I WILL NOT draw -

NSFW (the guidelines forbid me from doing so, and I agree)

Zoophilia (I'm not a fan of inappropriate things happening to Twyla and/or Pretzel, thanks)

Hate art (that's illegal here, y'know)

Requests made by others (sorry, no free art assets)

As I've already finished up this bio, I'll just say...have a nice day.


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14 years

Well... The trial of my new era begins... J
03/06/2018 16:10
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Like always, I always sleep during the afternoon, but came across a really F'd up dream again (yes, this always happens whenever I sleep in the afternoon like I always do, this may seem confusing but it's a good thing, right?). Apparently, first off, I was with a few teens with wavy hair and a ta...
10/08/2016 16:57


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Male · Bull · Heterosexual · Taurus
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Kristov is a male adolescent Bull with darkish grey skin, black hooves, a scar across his left ey...
1 week ago


Male · Demon · Heterosexual · Scorpio
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Nicknames Nightmare
This is Merle. I saw him a dream. He is an anthropomorphic Demon with a somewhat green transparen...
7 months ago


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Species: Atrikus
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Journey The DutchAD

Species: Dutch Angel Dragon
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Kinda just give up on certain things, including life, and I might already have someone telling me how to live my goddamn life in about a few days.


I'm not a spazz.

I'm not mentally disabled.

I have a common tendency to have a twitching body part. That is all. I tend to move a muscle often.

That moment when you're too excited to go to sleep and you accidentally stay up until 3 am.

Innocently surfing Nightmare fuel of TV Tropes. Brb.

Just let him die.

I don't care anymore.

Lioness Lee posted

11 months ago

Hopefully you'll burn in hell where you truly belong

For your sins against my body

I won't cry near your bed when you die

Nor will I take blame 

I won't be reminded of this horrible tragedy of you


Lioness Lee posted

01/12/2018 22:44

I'm not a human being.

Object is what I am...

Lioness Lee posted

05/11/2018 15:47

I just love how there's always someone in your family willing to push you away and never accepting what you do. 

It's also a very great pleasure to me how sometimes they never learn to pull their own weight and expect success to fall into their hands. T_T

Lioness Lee · 05/11/2018 16:59

I guess you can't learn anything from someone who painted your Dad as a criminal and lied about him just to sit there and give you crap for doing what she wanted you to do.

Oh well. I'm even surprised how she even managed not to get arrested for assaulting a 16-year-old.

Lioness Lee posted

12/10/2018 14:44

Apologies if I haven't been online lately. Been dealing with personal things.

FleurDeLynx posted to Lioness Lee

06/04/2018 20:12

Thank you kindly for the watch!

Lioness Lee · 09/04/2018 16:38

You're welcome! :)

Lioness Lee posted

24/12/2016 00:12

I am Lion jesus, watch me fly!! 

(Runs, but falls down and slides into the ground) 

I found the quacamole!!

HonchKrowe · 20/01/2017 01:53 · 1 Reply

Are are you lioness from sudomemo? I made this account to talk to you if you are i was wondering what happened to your account :o

Lioness Lee · 25/10/2017 16:37

Yes i am. My DsI died, sorry...

Foxy Flapper posted to Lioness Lee

20/12/2016 02:37

Thank you for following my art!

Lioness Lee · 20/12/2016 03:09

You're welcome!

Tundra posted to Lioness Lee

16/12/2016 13:31

Thanks so much for the sub!!

Lioness Lee · 17/12/2016 01:16

You're welcome!

Lyeox posted to Lioness Lee

21/10/2016 02:01

Thank you for the sub, my friend!


Lioness Lee · 21/10/2016 21:44 · 1 Reply

You're welcome! I realized you were a friend of tangent's, so that's why.

Lyeox · 21/10/2016 22:19

Ahh okay xD
(Well we aren't exactly friends, it's more like boyfriends lmao.) 

LundiMagique posted to Lioness Lee

12/10/2016 05:18

Hi! Thanks for your attention!

Kimi-Oneechan posted to Lioness Lee

07/10/2016 11:34

Thank you for subscribing

Lioness Lee · 07/10/2016 23:08 · 1 Reply

You're welcome! I'm terribly sorry for what happened to your father.

Kimi-Oneechan · 08/10/2016 00:13

Thank you so much. I miss him daily...

Lioness Lee posted

20/08/2016 20:05

From now on, I'm using colors now.

Lioness Lee posted

10/08/2016 03:13

I reported myself. Was too curious of what it does.

DuelCarnival · 18/08/2016 13:07

It basically reports back to us Mods... please use the reporting responsibly.  

Susy posted to Lioness Lee

17/07/2016 11:50

Thanks for subbing! ?

Lioness Lee posted

04/07/2016 03:26

You guys, I think my brother hacked into his Wii.

Lioness Lee posted

04/07/2016 03:15

How do I send links?

Lioness Lee posted

02/07/2016 20:49

I'm back!

JBCblank posted to Lioness Lee

28/06/2016 22:28

❥ Thank you for Subscribing. ♫

Lioness Lee · 29/06/2016 01:13

You're welcome!

Bran posted to Lioness Lee

28/06/2016 15:30

Well hi there~ I was bouncin around and saw that youre a roleplayer, and I want to personally invite you to our little roleplay group! It's still a work in progress, but it's somethin :3 Ill leave a link so you can check it out if ya wanna! I and all my characters are always ready for a roleplay, so hit me up whenever you want~

Hope to see you around here more~! Have fun and welcome!

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 20:30

Okay! On my way!!

Krin posted to Lioness Lee

28/06/2016 02:07

Thank you for subscribing! :D

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 04:11

You're welcome!

Lioness Lee posted

27/06/2016 22:22

Hello! I'm a new user and I am just a lion who is dead inside, so yeah.

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 03:40

Of course, sweetheart! You have done quite enough! There is always time for RP later. Thank you for starting! This is gonna be great! G'NITE,  my dear! Smooches!

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 03:42

Good night! Lion purrs, smooches!!

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 03:44


Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 03:58


Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 04:01

Stop being so sexy...

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 04:02

You make it HARD for a wolf to doze....

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 04:11


Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 04:12

[media=Lioness_Lee=][/media]  I promise, my dude.

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 04:13


Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 04:15


Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 17:22

Okay, now that I'm awake and healthy now.

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 17:29

Howl, baby!  Having a quick bite with some fellow ZPDers! ( Boy, these rhinos cab eat!), then following up on a domestic small case. How you doing?

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 20:31

Good actually! Started writing a story about skylanders, horror, murder and of course lions and dogs.

Ty Wolvington! · 28/06/2016 21:06

Howl! Yeah, I read the other posting. Sounds cool! Wanna read it. I enjoy reading the talents of others. Ok, driving now. Howl at you soon tonight. See how it's going! Woof!

Lioness Lee · 28/06/2016 22:09

Good and it's on fanfiction overflow and my profile there is BorderlineBadness.