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Rocketeer lived with his parents when he was a young night fury, but by the time on his 13th birthday, his sister sharpy became infected with the krybe virus, a virus transmitted from cringiness. After that happened, she killed their mother, but their gruff, orderly and strong father fishslayer ran away, only to be captured by the leader of the shadowswarms, DarkScale.

After the great furious massacre, rocketeer had ran away from his home as well, but then he saw something he shouldn't have saw. He thought he was going to end up like his father, but what it turned out to be was a male goat named crossfire, who was nicknamed Emiel.

They became friends instantly, until then they both were captured by professor oxen so she could create them to be more powerful and aggressive just to avenge her deceased grandson Cairo. She thought they both would make perfect soldiers, so rocketeer was renamed rocket-2095 and crossfire into goat-2096.

After that, professor oxen tested their strengths, but was angry by their cowardice due to their ages. She cursed them out and said they were useless and incompetent. Then the next day, rocket-2095 had gained his nickname rocket dove due to his favorite conditioner being dove.

Goat-2096 gained his nickname. After getting their nicknames, professor oxen decided on a more easier way to make her soldiers stronger (didn't expect my deer OC oxen to become evil, right?) and then that was when she pushed them both to the limit. Rocket dove, or rocket-2095, became a strong, orderly and aggressive night fury and Emiel, or goat-2096, became an emo goat.

So then when rocket dove was sent to terrorize S.N.I.P.E.R., but after breaking into the territory, he realized that the new leader was the strongest family member of the Hexwing Queen, earthquake. After killing some soldiers and leaving the territory, he earned a scar by oxen on accident. After running away again and trying to find his father, he met DarkScale, lioness' grandfather.

Rocket dove ove tried to run away, but he caught him only to get into a fight with rocket dove. After running away again, he was adopted by demon, who thought that he was the only living night fury.

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Color changing fingers.

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Rocket-2095, also known as rocket dove, is a black scaled night fury with color changing spots and fingers.

He is 14 years old and has black scales so you know what black scaled means.

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