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Lavo was born on the island coast of the alola region, where his parents moved into after the fox army hit his hometown. Because of this, unlike any other person who were left as children, lavo realized that his snorlax father died of old age. He then was keeping himself to his mother's side after the death of his beloved father. 

Then when lavo became 17, he saw his mother was being threatened by General hammer, a kommo-o, saying that if she doesn't retrieve her son to him, he'll kill her. Because of this, she decided to give up lavo so she could live, but he refused. He refused so many times, but then general hammer became angry and upset for his insolent refusal and drafted him out of his home. 

The only reason he took lavo was to corrupt him and then later kill him. The next day, when lavo became 18, he had to live his life of being tortured and kept inside by his "adopted" father general hammer, he met his son, the Prince and heir to hammer's general occupation, (I'll reveal his name later). 

The general's son told him all about what happened and then they both became friends instantly. But this may have come to an end. General hammer came to his son, scolded him and told him to stay away from lavo. This caused lavo to become locked up, in a sepeerate cell, away from the prince. 

The prince said his name was typhon & he'll help lavo get out of his father's miserable place.

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

His guns are filled with lava.

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Lavo is a quilava/snorlax hybrid with a dark blue back, yellow underbelly, white gloves and red shoes.

Age: 25.

Character information




Zodiac Sign


  • 9


  • Created: 10/11/2016 22:56
  • Updated: 12/11/2016 15:58


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

Only he can shoot lava into enemies that come across your path and should be kept inside a pokeball.