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Anurna was born in February, 14, 1992 to Anna and andrew Gaia. Her last name was Gaia (but somehow they made her name be pronounced with a single "G" in order to keep her from being mistaken as the daughter of dark Gaia), but is often shortened to her initials, A.G. 

She was born in an ocean area in the Panthera universe known as WaterFin and was educated at St. Bernard school (the same school sullen went to). Her mother, Anna Gaia, worked as a Japanese doctor at the Tanzanite hospital. Her father, Andrew Gaia, was a samurai who supplied Anurna with headache pills from her shark accidents.

Anurna wasn't a very intelligent shark girl - she was known as a kind person and has a general love for people who were younger than her. Her parents recall a little 12-year-old shark girl liking babies and many other people. She hit her head when trying to hunt a betta fish at the age of 9, which caused her to have a scar on her forehead, which is shaped like a thunderbolt. 

When she was 19, her marriage started when Seahorse Knight, sullen Gaia, age 23, came to steal something. Anurna had tried to stop him from stealing something, but somehow Sullen injured her really bad. One year later, in an attempt to apprehend Sullen, Anurna threatened to make her co-workers show the police the proof, but Sullen was aroused by her anger and fell in love with her instantly. 

Anurna told him that if he didn't stop, she'll surely show the police the proof of his thievery. Sullen's arousal began to grow bigger and bigger and then he proposed to her due to all her anger. Anurna didn't care and married sullen anyway. Then after a couple of weeks, Anurna felt something. 

The good news she told sullen was this: they were having a child. After their child was born, they named him SeaCore, in which they named him after the outskirts of WaterFin. Everytime when Anurna was away, sullen would watch over their son. But however, this came to a tragic end. 

During their son's time of being one day old, SeaCore wasn't feeling well. Everytime when sullen would put him to bed, SeaCore would always roll over and sleep on his stomach. Anurna was still hanging out with her friends from Japan, but sullen wanted it to stop. He told her she wasn't taking good care of their son. 

The he next day passed and their son tragically died. Aghast and deeply saddened, Anurna blamed herself for SeaCore's death, thinking she could have nursed him back to health when she was still there. Tormented by the death of SeaCore, Anurna vowed with her husband never to leave each other's sight ever again. 

Then after Andrenaline had been placed on her doorsteps, she kept him and raised him for her own, but sullen was provoked.


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Anurna is the caretaker of the water key and resident of WaterFin.


andrenaline pressure

Relationship Adopted son
Male · Chinese crested dog · Heterosexual · Taurus
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Andrenaline, a small, skinny Chinese Created Dog, is an anthropomorphic with lightish lavender sk...
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lord sullen gaia

Relationship Husband
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Anurna wears summer clothes.


53 Meters · 173 Feet, 10.61 Inches


107Kg · 16 Stone, 11.89 Pound

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Anurna has weapons in case if anyone attacks her home.

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Anurna is a well-built shark with a Japanese purple robe and has pink hair. She also has blue boots, light gray skin and a white underbelly.

Her summer clothes are also pink sandals, blue shorts with white stripes and a purple shirt with white flowers.

She can also wear a crown when guarding Both the 7 dragon souls and the water key.

age: 20s (she is 24).

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