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PapyDragon was only still inside of her egg when her parents died. However, her mother was hunted down and her father committed suicide. Because of this, Papy's egg was stolen by blakemore when aliens invaded. However, she was out of view when she stole the egg from its hatchery. 

PapyDragon was hatched by blakemore after she was known as a demonic element. After hatching, she was under the training of her friend blakemore, who saw how quick PapyDragon learned new things. Blakemore, being impressed, loved her dearly ever since she was 16. 

During times like these, PapyDragon found out about blakemore's adopted brother who had a thing against demons. Because of this, PapyDragon had to stay by balekmore's side everytime so she would never get hurt by him. However, this caused blakemore to be overprotective of her friend and kept her close. 

Because of this, her brother found this as suspicious and decided to spy on them during events. But sadly this came to a tragic end. PapyDragon heard about the barrier that was being built after the death of numerous Panthera residents. Because of this, PapyDragon was stuck with blakemore until this resolves. 

However, this didn't stop and PapyDragon decided to do this on her own. She decided to meet starry-eyes and lioness, a Latias and lion duo who were trying to find a way to destroy the barrier. Not knowing that trying to destroy Lynnae Lee's barrier is against the law, PapyDragon decided to help. 

However, she then meets with earthquake on the way, finding him as a handsome Warrior. Naturally PapyDragon realized she can alter time (so can lioness, Ivy, and some characters) and this could probably help her with destroying the barrier.  Blakemore, finding out about this, also helped PapyDragon with the heist. 

However, flames was framed for the murder of numerous residents, but it wasn't him this time. This caused him to run away and find the others. Apparently, it was then revealed that blakemore's half brother Saber was behind all of this because he was trying to rid his family of the demon papydragon. 

After having to fight all of saberr's men, PapyDragon, blakemore, starry-eyes, lioness and flames then find out of how to destroy the barrier. It was not altering time this time, it was strength and courage. It also comes from the heart. However, PapyDragon found out about her strength and decided to use her anger to use her strength. 

So, she decided to use her flying drop kick ability while shouting out "Flames, you useless ****!!" The barrier then get  destroyed by every kick and every angry remark. After destroying the barrier, they are now free and escape from their world, away from Saber who is now ruling demonscratch. 

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PapyDragon now is qualified as a femidemon.



Relationship Best Friend
Female · Alien · Questioning · Leo
Role-playing Yes
Blakemore wears a black fur coat, has sharp teeth and a black forked tongue. Her skin is light g...
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Earthquake is a muscular ringtail cat with blue hair, blue scarf, blue pants and blue eyes. He a...
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Her left eye can actually change her pupils into a red ring.

Floyd Filly · 04/03/2018 17:38

Highly invincible..

PapyDragon is a female demon that wears a red scarf, red boots, red belt, and also a black suit.

She also has elf ears and the tip of her ears are black. She has black eyes and has white pupils.

Papy also has red skin skin and a thunderbolt shaped scar on her snout. She also has extra horns on the sides of her neck and horns on her head. She also has purple hair.

Age: 18.

She also has red wings.

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Only to make the worst of it, it hasn't to be doom related.