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Shelby Tomaka (or Shelby for short) came from a wartorn country east from Pearl town, where she lost both of her parents 19 years ago.

After the horrifying ordeal, Shelby decided to go solo and often wandered in the streets of Moonstone City to find a place to call home until she met Ivy, a Ringtail Cat who was sworn to protect Panthera.

The two met and Shelby grew to like her, as she was nice and generous. They would often save the world together, fight off Dark Lord, and appeared alongside each other at festivities and parties.

That was, until over a year ago Ivy had been pushed to her breaking point by her own father. Shelby, oblivious and unaware of the transformation, decided to help Ivy because that was what friends do.

Since 2016, Ivy had been muttering nonsense and talking about how she wanted to start a war against Panthera. The Thylacine was worried about this as she tried to comfort her, but it only grew worse.

Shelby had to run as far as she could to distance herself from Ivy, since her heart was being suffocated by evil. Since 3 years have passed, Shelby grew to be more strict and caring for those who need it.

She became part of Lynnae's society, Panthera, to start anew.


9 Meters · 29 Feet, 6.33 Inches


12.5Kg · 1 Stone, 13.55 Pound

Eye Colors

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Extra Attributes

She'll punish you if you hurt her. 🗡️

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A very old 2013 character I had since 3rd grade. Back in 2013, she was depicted with a green hoodie, black boots, and lime colored pants.

As of 2019, she will be given a grey T-shirt with the words "NEVERLAND SOUNDGIRLS" on it, black shoes, and white pants. Her fur is also raspberry colored.

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  • 27


  • Created: 02/12/2018 01:21
  • Updated: 12/05/2020 22:31


Open to role-playing

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Extremely strict and motherly. She'll keep you out of harm's way.