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Winona was created as part of a project bigger than science itself by Dr. Oxen, a Deer scientist and robotics Major.

During her creation, the circuits within her body had become unstable overnight due to overheating in her system, and, as a result, had caused her to go out of control.

While the excessive heat was enough to ruin her, it was also Dr. Oxen's sudden disappointment with the progress. Since she wasn't happy with Winona's current state, she had been planning on decommissioning the robotic Dragon.

Winona, not liking what she heard, had decided to run away from the lab, but not without destroying a window on her way out.

With her on the run, Dr. Oxen is not stopping until she contains Winona and shuts her down for good.

Favourite Food

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A robot created by Dr. Oxen.

Extra Details

She wears a bowtie on the back of her neck.


307 Meters · 1007 Feet, 2.61 Inches


55.1Kg · 8 Stone, 9.47 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type



Like a Tiger

Extra Attributes

Winona has a power button on her back in case if she goes out of control.

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Beautiful white Robot Dragon with a pink underbelly, claws, and tail, along with blue eyes, hair, wing membranes, and tail fluff.

Oh god, I love her already.

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