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To the Jackanapes who tried to break into my house...

(Back in 2018, some jackass tried to break into our house. As soon as my mother came home, she witnessed a random man knocking at our door, but then ran off when he got caught.) Okay, retard. Your life must be pretty damn pathetic to try and do something like this. Do you not have a family or an...
5 months ago

Commissions are open

I accidentally got productive lately now, since it's winter break and I have time to do things now. But, commissions are now open. Full produced artwork is only 15$. Remember, this is my first time doing this. But... If it's a sketch, it can be 5$. I mean, I hope this isn't too much.
21/12/2019 00:12
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14 years

Well... The trial of my new era begins... J
03/06/2018 16:10
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Like always, I always sleep during the afternoon, but came across a really F'd up dream again (yes, this always happens whenever I sleep in the afternoon like I always do, this may seem confusing but it's a good thing, right?). Apparently, first off, I was with a few teens with wavy hair and a ta...
10/08/2016 16:57