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Published: 10/08/2016 16:57

Like always, I always sleep during the afternoon, but came across a really F'd up dream again (yes, this always happens whenever I sleep in the afternoon like I always do, this may seem confusing but it's a good thing, right?). Apparently, first off, I was with a few teens with wavy hair and a tabogan on. Apparently when we were at a bowling alley, waiting for turns in the competition, my friends were there.

"What?" I said and the teen with wavy hair shook his finger at me and shook his head as well. I then say that the boys zadriyn and jaylen were my friends (from 4th grade) and I walked a few steps.

My sleeping self could not wake up (I have trouble waking up everytime I sleep because I feel like a sleeping rock and couldn't open the eyes) and then I came across another dream. I saw my brother (the 13 y/o sibling David) playing sonic spinball and he was completing the first level. I saw him do it right where our closet was and then he kept raging a bunch of times.

"Okay, I'm quitting!" I here him say, pauses the game and goes to quit. It then shows a bad ending after he quit (it doesn't actually happen in the game though, but I'm serious what happened in the dream) of eggman sucking the life source out of sonic using his machine and sonic screaming (it was a voice clip I heard in the background). It then played an eerie, high-pitched tone music of river twygz bed from Super Paper Mario and I plugged my ears, not to be traumatized by the sound (I may or may not be traumatized by creepy and disturbing songs, but traumatized by videos).

I went into the closet to never hear it and it was gone. Then I went back out, hoping it ended already and then David was sent back to the first level. He then completes it, goes to the second and quits again. It then shows a different one this time, only with sonic being launched out of eggman's death egg and into the ocean where he'd drown. The music this time was the same one from the opening cutscene of the game.

I then find a pair of headphones hoping that the same bad ending cutscene (the one I saw before the second one I mean) and inserted them into my computer (it was like an iPad). I then try to find music that took it out of my system (finale from Undertale is one of them) and couldn't find music (I was stuck in a tumblr page). The first part I forgot to mention was I was seeing what the birds would do in the box of birds. I called for the first one, the tiny red bird and it flew onto my finger. He was the one I feared to pet because all I know birds are aggresive.

I gently put him in the box and tried the Pygmy owl. It was very gentle when I pet him and tried out the white dove. The second, a hawk and the last one, a red falcon. Okay, so back to what I was saying, when David was finishing his hours of playing Sonic Spinball and I was on the iPad computer I bought off of the Internet, mom came into our rooms and we went to sleep. She said that we didn't pack everything for tomorrow and I reassured her.

The next day, I was on my iPad computer and then what popped up to me (that scared me) was a blue screen and that demonic face from the most scariest faces created by the creator of annoying orange. I pretty much thought it was the thumbnail from 13 scariest hillucinations created by Mr. Nightmare. Then as I had ran into the room, I had gotten a bat and was ready for the apocalypse of the century to start. I had everything with me (food, weapons, explosives, sharp objects, healing items and my battle cat) but it all ended when I woke up.

I had Terry (the white tiger by my side and finding the music trying to get it out of my system today.

Bran · 11/08/2016 00:22


Odysseus · 11/08/2016 00:31 · 3 Replies

maybe you shouldn't read creepy pastas before napping

Lioness Lee · 11/08/2016 00:46

Actually I haven't read any creepypastas, naturally this happens all the time.

Odysseus · 11/08/2016 01:53

maybe you just have a creative imagination

Lioness Lee · 11/08/2016 02:21

That's true.

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