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This here is yet another Jester OC, Joat. 

His name is a cross between Jester and Goat. 
He's actually going to be a main character of mine from now on since i've made other characters, but I never pay attention to them. 

NOTE: He's 100% NOT Asriel Dreemurr. 

Joat will also be to a deuteragonist for Greater White!, a series i'll make soon during christmas break. Joat is shown to be upbeat, enthusiastic, and happy-go-lucky. He constantly tries desperately to put the positive spin on any situation (much to Lynnae and Brother Jester Jackal's ire.) 

Joat is very energetic, often being shown skipping and making dramatic gestures. In the upcoming series Greater White!, Joat even says he lies in bed awake in eager anticipation for the next day rather than actually sleeping. 

Not much is known about Joat, but he was formed a few years later after Jester Jackal's birth from the 1000-year Feather. 

As a result, his mind was not correct on its own, giving him his somewhat egotistical, but very annoying personality. 

This caused an even more unfortunate event on Jackal as his mind was connected to Joat's, meaning he has to appear alongside him all the time, but even if they try to seperate, Joat gets even more annoying than before. 

Likes - Anything positive, Lynnae (a little too much), fooling around, annoying Jester Jackal (Most of the time), acting as a joker. 

Dislikes - Negativity, David (for being a tyrant to Planet Maude), bullies, people who don't fall for his tricks/pranks. 

Strengths - If you feel as if you want to hurt him for being annoying, he wouldn't mind, as if he thinks you're joking around. 

Weaknesses - The smallest things that are pretty negative would make him cry. 

His other eye is a black spade, and he has a silver bell at the bottom of his tail. That's why it's white.

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Nice name.

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