lirrie the Fennec fox is feeling Anxious
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Im nice to talk to and love to meet friends so definattly try and talk to me, X3

I am Lirrie from FA

Since it is down for a bit I've decided to come over here, likely once it back up Ill keep using this for my ocs. Maybe.

Note I will only post my art here.

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Fa Issues

Due to the Fa issues recently I have been forced o relocated. I will be putting my personal art up here as a way of keeping track. Commissions may be put up here as well if I don't find a better site to do them on. Once fa is back up this profile will continue to host my characters. I have start...
18/05/2016 12:29


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Female · Fennec fox · Pansexual · Leo
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17/05/2016 21:51


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Majira Strawberry

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