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I'm an Autistic introvert... I enjoy conversation when it's good, but it takes me a while to find a topic I enjoy talking about and sometimes it's not me... or the topic, sometimes it is the person. I like to draw, crochet, collect and customise dolls, work on my Anthro-Human world- Opleon, and more things I can't really be asked to type. (If you was wondering... my autism is Aspergers Syndrome)

I'm often on and off of sites due to depression and family. its the same with my drawing and things. I don't RP with anyone as it isn't my thing 4 years on non-stop RPing with a (now ex) boyfriend has put me off of it. However, I enjoy discussing story idea's, character profile ideas etc, I love doing that, so if you need help or someone else's input I'll happily help.

My Fursona and my Characters are different. my fursona is the character I identify most with, my characters are creations for my anthro-human world that I plan on turning into a story of some sort.

I currently don't have an income, so my money is limited (by limited it means I have no money for anything but rent...
(literally... rent and tax is all I can afford :/)

If you see a character of mine you love and wish to doodle/create art of etc for free, just let me know, I'll most likely say yes as long as there are no surprise fees/it stays as an online thing and you don't make money out of using my character and as long as you do ask me first and credit me as the owner and character creator. (And give me to link to the finished artwork you do)

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||I've been working on a world for a while and I've decided to share it before completing it (as it will still be a while until then) Opleon is an alternate world where humans and anthros live, although they live separately they still exist in the same world, along with other not human or anthro ...
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||♥||||- Name: Lucya, but online I prefer Lulu - Single or taken: Single, not looking but open to change - Gender: Female - Birthday: Feb 22nd - Sign: Pisces - Hair color: Brunette - Eye color: brown - Height: 4'11" - Are you straight/bisexual/gay/ect..?: Demisexual||||________ S P E C I F I C S ...
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