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||I've been working on a world for a while and I've decided to share it before completing it (as it will still be a while until then) Opleon is an alternate world where humans and anthros live, although they live separately they still exist in the same world, along with other not human or anthro ...
30/05/2017 18:49
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Get to know me meme

||♥||||- Name: Lucya, but online I prefer Lulu - Single or taken: Single, not looking but open to change - Gender: Female - Birthday: Feb 22nd - Sign: Pisces - Hair color: Brunette - Eye color: brown - Height: 4'11" - Are you straight/bisexual/gay/ect..?: Demisexual||||________ S P E C I F I C S ...
24/05/2017 17:37


I started making a basic cat anthro (using a base) for a base for designing clothes, and I ended up really liking it and ended up creating a new character emoji {confused-1} So now I'm coming up with a background and stuff for her >.<
30/03/2017 01:28