LittleRover the Pokemon is feeling Sleepy
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Get Down with the Sickness

[b][i]COUGH[/i][/b][lb] [lb] I'm not doing great, it seems like a mild form of flu has hit our house so I'm not in the most - hehe - productive mindsets
2 months ago

[POLL] Next Comic

Vote on what I should do for my next comic
3 months ago

Just an Update on Things

Hey hey![lb] [lb] Being a week mostly out of action has thrown my timetable out of sync
3 months ago

[Discord] Anyone Being Auto-Kicked

Hey hey![lb] [lb] I realised I had made a mistake updating the links to my discord
4 months ago

[Stream] Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Started Streaming
4 months ago

[Strawpoll] A Point of Interest

I had a quick look at the previous polls and it got me thinking
4 months ago

[Strawpoll] Getting Inspired

Hey hey![lb] [lb] I'm conducting a couple strawpolls for research
4 months ago

It's Hot

I've got an upload today for Diary of a Voraphile instead of Spyro since it has been too hot to actually use my drawing pad (or my bedroom
4 months ago

Streaming Lewd Vore

4 months ago

[Stream] Colouring Quest and Sketching Oral Vore

I'll be streaming for about 2 hours
5 months ago

SERIOUS: A good Pokefriend is in need of a home.

The original journal is here: https://www
5 months ago


When I said I was in the USA, somehow I neglected to mention I'm in the USA with my boyfriend Frazone, and so I am partially replying through him since it is much easier than typing on my tablet!  Also why uploading was a bit wonky, I can only really draw on my tablet but I'm still here! =3[lb] [lb] [url=http://www
9 months ago