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Get Down with the Sickness

Published: 4 months ago


I'm not doing great, it seems like a mild form of flu has hit our house so I'm not in the most - hehe - productive mindsets. So I'm going to be sparse on the uploads this week other than stuff I've already done and focus on getting commissions worked on.

If you want to contact me, especially about commission stuff, the best way at the moment is via Discord (LittleRover#1151) or Telegram (@LittleRover). I'm hoping I can finally have a more structured approach to the art I'm doing. Feel free to message me about commissions I'm quite eager to please.

Also I have a work-in-progress Trello for my Commissions and stuff.

Theres a form I'm testing there for people who want a commission but are maybe too shy to approach, as well as a way to submit your OC that I want to use for making it easier to cast people in minor rolls and raffles and stuff. Again it is very much a work in progress.

I'm gonna go sleep now.

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