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Welcome one and all.

The name is Zansori Tachiko, or Zan for short.
I usually just doodle, but I try to complete most art.
Any questions anyone? Just ask.

I do RP every so often, but don't ask unless we've known each other for a bit.

Straight | Purposely Single | Male | 23 | Shark-Dog Hybrid | Monster | Artist | Musician for Hobby | Retro Gamer
음번 - 한카리아스

ϟ Thanks ahead of time for any favorites, comments and Subscribing! ϟ
They are all appreciated big time!


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Hey guys!

Just wanted to thank all of those who subscribed to me recently and for all the likes! I appreciate it all and I hope I'll continue to bring content that you'll like. Let me know if there is something you'll want to see more of!
09/09/2015 02:05
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That feeling when-

The coolest person follows you. MY BEST FRIEND EVER. Atti {/Wastelands/info}
08/09/2015 09:15


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